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Instagram is testing in-feed video ads that cannot be skipped.

Instagram is experimenting with a new advert format that forestalls users from scrolling until they view a video advert in their important feed.
Why it subjects. The circulate should appreciably enhance ad publicity for brands however dangers alienating customers who locate compelled viewing intrusive.
How it really works.
New in-feed commercials display with a timer.
Users can’t scroll beyond until timer runs down.
Essentially “un-skippable” like some YouTube ads.
Why we care. On one hand, this feature is a excellent opportunity for advertisers to get their advertisements in front of an target audience that are used to seeing ads. But ought to it come at a hazard of losing clients who will locate their scrolling experience considerably disrupted?
The large photo. With 1/2 of users’ feeds now AI-endorsed content from unfollowed profiles, Instagram sees an opportunity to combination in extra commercials with out seeming overly disruptive.
Ad blockers. YouTube’s unskippable advertisements are regularly mentioned as a top motive people use ad blockers, suggesting pressured viewing is deeply unpopular.
Between the traces. Instagram’s shift to Reels-heavy, algorithm-pushed feeds can be paving the manner for more competitive advert strategies.
What they’re announcing. A Meta spokesperson informed TechCrunch:
“We’re constantly checking out formats that may drive value for advertisers. As we check and learn, we are able to provide updates need to this test result in any formal product adjustments.”
The other facet. Users aren’t thrilled. Photographer Dan Levy shared an example, sparking backlash in comments.

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